We keep most tables unreserved so that we can accommodate anyone who visits us. You may have to wait on certain days or at the time of the day you visit. But we will be able to find you a table. If there’s a wait, there is a counter service area where you can have a cocktail or a glass of wine until your table is ready. 



We take reservations for groups for any size for brunch and lunch.



For Dinner, we are open at 5pm. For reservations, we request for the table back 2 hours from the time you are seated, which should be more than enough time to enjoy a meal at ISF. 



Please note we can only hold your reservations for 15 minutes. After that, we will release the table and you might need to wait for the next table to be available.


For parties of six or more

we require that the entire table order the Chef’s Tasting Menu. When we seat you, we will design a menu for you with your special requests and dietary considerations in mind. After all, no one knows our food better than our chefs!


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