A sad 2016. As I am writing this blog, I hear the news of Carrie Fisher passing away. RIP

This year’s weird phases have been in the news – racism, sexual assaults, tipping issues, homophobic acts that no one could think would be acceptable, have become the norm in 2016.

To get Election coverage viewership up, we were subjected to a barrage of “facts” and “evidence” on social media that we started believing, except they were simply not true. Powerful leaders around the world saying racist and sexist things. In India the struggle for demonetization. This year has seen such uncertainty that it’s become too easy for people to turn against each other.

Where do we go from here on?

Last week, I was having a cup of hot chocolate with my 10-year-old daughter, when she was mentioned that she does not like eating the food catered in school, that her mom cooks healthier food for her and how others kids in her school feel she gets the best lunch. She thinks the caterers don’t have the right ingredients and right menus to attract kids in her school. How some kids don’t eat the lunch and go hungry and I should do something about it. Her kind and loving statement surprised me. I am not sure where she gets this from, maybe from her mom. She strongly believes that there is no better chef then me in the world and I know everything, so I can change this. She is absolutely right about her conviction . She is my inspiration and is a dadi-amma of her class.  

Loving each other and having a kind nature brings harmonious and liberal views and that’s what we need in year 2017. I am lucky to be in Canada where there is so much love, harmony and respect and all small communities support each other.

I came here in the year 1999 and I would not have become an entrepreneur without the banking systems supporting small business  through Government funded loans. Canada allowed me to grow and helped me to contribute. For that, I have deep gratitude.

The proudest two things for me in 2016 have been the success of “no tipping”, and celebration of Diwali this year. We had a Henna Artist going around to the tables and people getting these beautiful Diwali paintings on their hands and enjoying the Diwali delicacies.

Let us say Goodbye to the brutal 2016, and say Namaste to 2017. Where we will be more harmonious and tolerant of each other. My professional goal is to create more jobs (as of now, Amaya and sister restaurants employ 452 people) and my personal goal is to establish a charity organization to support the idea of bringing healthy food to the kids and everyone else.

Namaste 2017, I know it will be a year of positivity and love. I will make sure that together with my team, we will cook some amazing meals. Our first cookbook will be coming out and we will let our “fear of failure” drain away and be determined to follow the path of success.

Now, to all my lovely guests who have supported us: we thank you and appreciate all your support. To all our suppliers: without you, we would not have made it. And finally to our families who have supported our long hours at work: thank you for your ongoing help.

Our Best wishes to everyone for 2017.  Happy New Year!


Indian Street Food Co.